Keyblader to timelord
Hey I am Akira!
My back story well I used to travel with an alien, but I really need to find him, we got sperated from each other, but I am also a keyblader too!

(Face claim: Karin, from the anime Karin or Chibi Vampire?)
((Indpendent OC RP Blog, Will RP with any Fandom!))
Open RP - Bored..

"So bored, anyone want to talk or want to go and do something? So bored…" Akira yawned.

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      She giggles, “You like the smell of my hair?” She plated up the pancakes.
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      He laughed. ”I love the smell of my babe’s hair in the morning more.” He says as he starts to bury his face into her...
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      "you look great love" he gave her a smile